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About Uncommon Sense

Welcome to Uncommon Sense! 


We are a small guild on the Famfrit server and we are always looking for new members.  

The guild was first founded in Tera and has since moved on to Final Fantasy 14.  

As a group of veteran gamers with raid experience ranging from Everquest to World of Warcraft to Star Wars the Old Republic.  We know what it takes to get things done: determination, team work, patience, a little luck and most importantly some common sense.  

We also have real lives outside of the game so we understand and encourage our guild mates to adventure out into the sunlight (or moonlight) at regular intervals.  We take pride in helping out our guildies in any way possible.  We are looking for like minded individuals so anyone, any class, any level, with at least a little common sense feel free to apply!

We have a Ventrilo channel and guild members should frequent it especially during guild groups.  Therefore a headset, microphone, Ventrilo, and a push to talk button are highly recommended.



Open to all classes and all levels.  Drama queens and loot whores need not apply. 

Leave us a message here or send a tell in game to Misha Allora, Death Spard, Shin Hayato, Katflip Renzo for more information!  

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